Miss you

I miss you with all my heart. I hope you realize that everyday my heart aches at the loss I have. My world has come closing in around me, it is a darkness I can not escape. It shrouds my soul, and i know longer know life without the touch of your skin, or the sound of your voice. I wish I was enough to keep you in my life, enough to make you love me. The part that hurts the most is knowing that slowly you are fading from me, the pain is slowly becoming to much to hold at bay. If only i knew that in the end I would have you, i would fight the waves forever, I would wait forever if in the end i knew i was in your heart….forever

Love always

Remember today as the beginning of always

We all need hugs. Happy-makers and not. 

We all need hugs. Happy-makers and not. 

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i don’t even know?

So i don’t really know how to begin this post i am writing, i don’t even know what i am writing about. I don’t even know what this will become? I have begun writing this with the idea that maybe, i needed to convey my emotions through a different medium, and clearly my blog seems like the best thing. Regardless here goes…

I have been quite thrilled with quotes lately, and have noticed that you can learn a lot through the words of great people. In their ideas you can discover meanings, or even just let the quote stand for itself and represent the author. 

Honestly i need to figure out a direction in which this is going, i feel really lost, cluttered in my thoughts, like the spatial sense in my head is all numb. I can’t tell up from down, left from right, its a sensational that only arrives on the unbeknownst of occasions. 

so whatever this is lets get it started, despite this failure of an attempt to promote a solid introduction.

Words to live by? This is the title? i am not sure anymore what the title should be so for now lets leave it at “i don’t even know?”  Sort story

I was walking along the desolate road, empty side streets, abandoned homes, nothing but the desert and the dry wind hitting him in the face. I walked stride for stride with the cracks in the pavement trying to connect the lines and construct a pattern recognized by former times. I seemed anxious, nervous even but of what? Was there something on  my mind, something that i didn’t know? Where am i?

I realized then that where i was made no difference, it was where i had to be. Words that a man can live by are often many, and they tend to cling to our chests like small children to their mothers. They are often hidden behind the many walls created to protect us from hurt. The worst thing that can happen to a man is hurt, because once he is hurt, his guard will never be let down. What words do i live by? Well how can a single person live by any set words, or rules for that matter, it depends solely on two things, the content of a mans character, and his will. The outcomes that can determine how someone is, is within themselves. Your inner strength is much greater than any word or inspirational phrase can do. Words are but triggers towards the infinite complexity of the human mind and spirit. 

I will give you an example of such a situation, one day i was sitting having a discussion with my colleagues at a bar. We decided to have a philosophical conversation rather than blab about the same mindless bullshit that circles around ever circle due to influence. So my friend asks me “what inspires you to do what you do?” This is a complicated question i replied, “what do you mean by inspire” here is what i mean by words are triggers; i do what i do because i am what i am. That was the response i gave him, he then continued plowing further into many aspects of philosophical discussion however my point remains the same, would you be inspired to do what you do if you aren’t who you are?

I understand the complexity of these statements as they are even difficult for me to follow. I am asking questions with questions and answering them in the same fashion. Let me answer them more bluntly and of course as bluntly as one can answer questions based on subjective opinions. Everyone is different so my answer may reflect different in everyone else so here goes “The inspiration i find in doing what i do is by being the man i am” Just like the man on the empty road that has clustered thoughts, and confusion the man i am gives me the inspiration to pursue the dream that i have. 

Now we must get more specific in this answer as it is quite broad and still doesn’t answer the fundamental question. The answer to the question is that there is no question to begin with. We have this allusion that there always has to be an answer, it is the human condition to want to know but if you can’t. Isn’t that what science, math, philosophy, everything that is composed of our world isn’t it made to give us an answer. 

The question was “what inspires you to do what you do” I do what i do because i am who i am. The inspiration in my heart comes not from what i do but because of the man i am. The content of my character, and the will to progress forward to find out who i am drives me to no avail to do what i do. However there is an answer to this circular non-conclusive statement. I am not trying to find myself, i have already found myself, i am simply adapting myself so that the world can fit me. 

Every individual person has something to contribute to this world and the many answers people want, can’t be found in the books they read or the things they see..the answers to life’s hardest questions are answered in the heart. I love you, i hate you, i miss you, i want you. The emotions that run deep through our veins define the content of your character, and your will defines how they will be put to use. 

What i am trying to say as cleanly as possible is that “Life is about the journey, and not the destination” Its never too late, to continue dreaming, to keep your head in the clouds while your feet soar closely behind. It is never to late to get inspired to define inspiration on the terms that you think it should be based on. Nothing is impossible, and within all these worlds of possibility their is only one thing missing.


When you choose to be who you want to be, act how you want to, and live like you should? When the world finds a place to fit in the person you have found then you can answer the question i just proposed ”what inspires you to do what you do” and you can reply with “i am the way i am, and that’s why, i do what i do”

I am who i want to be, let other people decide for themselves

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I agree except with a small change, ” Time changes everything,  people choose to move forward or get left behind, doing nothing still changes things”